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Easy Tie shoelaces are the #1 shoelace for learning how to tie your shoes. Dual colored shoelaces make tying easy and fun.
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Newest design, tougher and better than ever.

Easy Tie shoelaces are the #1 shoelace for learning how to tie your shoes. Dual colored shoelaces make tying easy and fun.

Years of shoelace design and testing have resulted in a shoelace specifically designed for tying. Simply replace your regular shoelaces with Easy Tie shoelaces. The results are immediate and amazing. If anyone is struggling with tying then they need Easy Tie shoelaces!

Replacing your regular shoelaces with Easy Tie shoelaces is not only colorful and fun but removes the #1 hindrance to tying: Lace Confusion.

Each order includes one pair of Easy Tie shoelaces.


Easy Tie shoelaces work by providing the ideal conditions for learning to tie. There is no Velcro, wires, magnets, or other gimmicks; just shoelaces.

#1 Motivation

The first step is to provide motivation for tying. Bright, fun colors motivate children to pick their favorite color which helps to create a sense of ownership.

#2 Lace Design

Holding the laces is usually the first challenge anyone has to overcome. Easy Tie shoelaces have been designed with a proprietary weave which provides a solid feel. The weave is also special because it does not flop when made into a loop. The loop will stay in place even while being bumped or held loosely.

#3 Dual Colors/Texture

The secret to learning to tie quickly without frustration are the dual colors. Having dual colors removes lace confusion which is the biggest barrier to tying. In addition to dual colors, some of the color combinations are also dual textured which further helps to distinguish the laces for tying. This option works well for those with visual challenges.

  1. Dual colored Easy Tie shoelaces remove lace confusion
  2. Amazingly tough and ready for any adventure
  3. Stiffer laces don’t flop giving children more time to tie
  4. Laces always stay even in length
  5. 37″ fit youth shoe size 8 – 3 or (4 eyelets)
  6. 45″ fit teen/adult shoe size 3 – 10 or (5-6 eyelets)
  7. 53″ fit adult shoe size 6+ (more than 5 eyelets)

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in

Red & Black/Grey, Red & Blue, Blue & White, Purple & Blue, Purple & Rainbow, Pink / Green, Blue / Green & White


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