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Easy Tie laces are the answer to lace confusion. It is essentially two shorter pair of laces that snap together to form one longer lace that you can lace into your shoes. That way you actually have one shoe lace that, once laced, results in two different colored laces for your child to tie. While your child is mastering shoe tying, they can have the benefit of two different colored laces at home, at school, and in the community, thus increasing their independence. And they are actually pretty stylish, with many fun colors to choose from.
I have been using Easy Tie shoelaces with my students in both the clinic- and school-based settings. And you know what? They have been working! I even have one kiddo who is currently motivated to learn to tie his shoes so he can earn his pair of Easy Tie laces to wear in his new shoes he just picked out! So cool.
Shoe tying is still hard. Easy Tie is not magic, but it sure makes a tough job a little easier!
Teri Wiss, MA, OTR/L, Director of Development at CHILD'S PLAY
I recently received my Easy Tie shoelaces and let me tell you, these are a great find! I’m always trying to tie two different colored laces together to teach shoe tying, and now I don’t need to do that anymore. Easy Tie has done it for me.
Abby, OT Cafe

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Our customers love Easy Tie shoelaces. Don’t take our word for it take theirs

Awesome product!
My son was having a lot of trouble learning to tie his shoes. We tried all spring, and were getting worried that when he entered 1st grade he still would not know how to tie his shoes. After having these laces for ONE DAY – he got it! Even he was amazed how easy it as! I tell everyone about theses laces!

Erin G. Wood-Hagedorn