Monique Navarro – May 1, 2014

Love Easy Tie Laces

I have had the Easy Tie Laces for about a month and love them. I am an Occupational Therapist and use the shoe laces to help teach the children I work with learn to tie their shoes. The laces are wonderful giving the child a easy to see clue as you are giving them directions. The laces also look fun so the kids enjoy that as well.

Erin G. Wood-Hagedorn – December 2, 2013

Awesome product!

My son was having a lot of trouble learning to tie his shoes. We tried all spring, and were getting worried that when he entered 1st grade he still would not know how to tie his shoes. After having these laces for ONE DAY – he got it! Even he was amazed how easy it as! I tell everyone about theses laces!

Janna Risic – January 1, 2014

These laces worked magic!!

I received the laces on time. My nephew had complete success with these! They are awesome. Thank you so much.

Amanda J Saari – December 20, 2013

I bought these for my six year old niece. The fun colors will help make shoe tying less of a chore. Great option to help your kids!

From Facebook

Life Saver

These are awesome! We got a pair after a year of failure trying to teach my daughter how to tie her shoes. After three tries with these laces, she was doing it herself. Thanks!

John Panzenhagen – 09/24/2013

It really works

I am astounded at how these laces really work. At first I was dubious but when my daughter was able to successfully tie her own shoes after one day and without coaching I became a believer. If you are reading this you must order these laces!

T.P. – 09/24/2013

Thanks for the laces!

My daughter LOVES her laces. She asked me to write this, β€œToday my mom helped me by teaching me how to tie my shoelaces and when it was time to wear the shoes that I had the new laces on, I tied them! My grandma said they should be on Shark Tank.”

My daughter got it on the 3rd try! She had given up even trying with the old laces. Now she is coming up with friends and family that we need to buy them for. She and I are HUGE fans!

Thank you so much!

Megan – 09/11/2013

Great teaching tool

I am a life skills teacher and bought these to help with my students who are learning to tie their shoes. My hope is that the two colors will help my students. I am excited to use them this school year!

Keitha – 09/25/2012

So easy to tie

They made it so easy for Boogs to figure out which part of the shoelace to wrap and what to pull through. Boogs loved being able to perfectly match the shoelace colors to his new “tying shoes”. The laces were delivered within four days of my on-line order.”

Sarah W. – 09/04/2012

They totally work!!!

These laces are amazing! Our son is high functioning on the autism spectrum. As is typical with these kids, tying shoes was bit more difficult for him. He’s 8 and we’ve been working on it for years. He loved picking his lace colors from Tying is a Snap. When they arrived, he was so excited and was totally able to tie them within an hour! I never thought this day would come. Having the laces different colors totally helped him coordinate how to get them tied, finally. Now he can tie anything. Thank you, thank you for such a well-thought-out product. Highly recommend for any kids, but also those with some special needs.

Jenny G. – 08/31/2012


My four year old son loves practicing tying his shoes, thanks to these laces! Whereas ordinarily he would get frustrated and ask me just to do it, he was excited to sit and do it himself. We’ve since had some problems with him wanting to tie things to the dog’s tail but what can I say? He can tie! πŸ™‚ PS. As a mother with three kids under four, I just want to say thanks to the makers of “Tying is a Snap” laces for giving me one less thing to do!!!!!! Can you invent something to teach my littler ones to use toilet paper? πŸ˜‰