57 percent kids ages 3-to-5 know how to operate a tablet but only 14 percent can tie their shoes. – Huffington Post

We at Easy Tie are here to help change this! We have spent a lot of time teaching tying, watching tying, and learning what it takes to tie. One question many parents ask is “When should I teach my child to tie their shoes?” There is no firm answer for this question, each child is unique. However, once the fine motor skills are developed the child is capable of tying. Using a tablet well is a great way to measure fine motor skills. If your child has no problem using your smart phone or tablet, then they are ready to tie.

In our experience, children don’t want to tie for two major reasons.

1. They don’t have the patience (If you have a boy you know what I mean)
2. They don’t WANT to

If you can get your child to focus for 30 seconds you have a fighting chance at teaching them how to tie. We invented Easy Tie shoelaces to address these first two hurdles. Focus and patience magically appear when the child wants to do something. Offering nine fun colors allows the child the ability to choose their favorite colors. Now that they are excited to tie because they have FUN shoelaces problem #1 is now much less of an issue.Easy Tie shoelaces are different for a reason. If your child is getting confused and frustrated don’t blame the child or yourself, blame the shoelaces.

Most shoelaces are terrible for children learning to tie. They are too wide, too soft, and all together confusing to look at. If you make tying simple and fun, your child will engage in the process and everyone will be happy.Watch this video to compare regular shoelaces to Easy Tie shoelaces to see how dramatic the difference is.

In the end when to teach your child how to tie their shoes depends on your child and their shoelaces.