Easy Tie shoelaces are specifically designed to help anyone learn to tie. Each shoelaces is made up of two uniquely colored sides. Both sides are interchangeable and allow freedom to pick the color of each side of the shoelace. When tying you now have two unique colors to visually distinguish each side.

In addition to dual colors, the shoelace texture, size, and stiffness provide optimal tactile feel. The increased stiffness provides a stiffer loop that will not fall over making tying much easier.

Easy tie shoelaces always stay even. This is not a big deal when you first lace your shoes up but a month later when your child is at school you will appreciate the fact that each and every tie is exactly the same.

Finally, Easy Tie offers and exclusive extra that is not available anywhere else. Easy Tie shoelaces can be combined with two unique textures. For some individuals the combination of unique color AND texture are exactly what they need.